Livia Cardia

Agn residence - Torino (TO)

Archisio - Livia Cardia - Progetto Agn residence
Spacious and well located, this old house had its charm but needed some adjusts to fit into new residents needs and wishes. We'd seek the balance between the aesthetics and functionality, and developed a tender considering it's execution viability. As any renovation labor, there were some problems along the way, but everything was carefully solved and the result is absolutely gratifying!

H+l residence - Torino (TO)

Archisio - Livia Cardia - Progetto Hl residence
A unique land with a wonderful view in a closed condominium. This couple wanted to build the dream house to raise their children, bring friends and family and have good moments. They wanted all the social area integrated, one room reversible as bedroom in the ground floor and the second floor only for the family, a good space for the dog and a swimming pool! The biggest challenge? To organize the house in an 6,00 meters uneven ground, with two entrances. The clients were very happy with the result and the construction already started with energy and expectation

1206 ap - Torino (TO)

Archisio - Livia Cardia - Progetto 1206 ap
This young couple had just buy their first apartment and wanted to adapt it to their needs: an integrated kitchen, a home office and the most important: a cozy space for the 4-legged daughter! After concept definition, we developed all the plants for execution labor, the carpentry details and the finishing suggestion.

C+r apartment - Torino (TO)

Archisio - Livia Cardia - Progetto Cr apartment
This couple needed to move to a rented apartment temporarily. They didn't want to change anything original but really wanted a cool and cozy home! Through a layout study, all their furniture could be used but there was still so many empty spaces... The solution for them was the d.i.y decor, recycling pallets and old furniture, and putting so many plants to fill the house with life and color! A sustainable and super economic result!

Restaurant retrofit - Torino (TO)

Archisio - Livia Cardia - Progetto Restaurant retrofit
This client came to us because she needed to remodel the façade of the traditional family's restaurant, following the changes of name, concept and services. As we shouldn't change the structure, we found the solution through lights, colors, finishes and plants! ​

L+m apartment - Torino (TO)

Archisio - Livia Cardia - Progetto Lm apartment
In this new apartment, the challenge was to plan all the carpentry and furniture optimizing spaces and attending the family needs. In addition, they wanted timeless finishes, so that they could always have the house "new" changing only decoration items. It became a cozy always-new home! ​

E+m kitchen - Torino (TO)

Archisio - Livia Cardia - Progetto Em kitchen
The dream of this family is to gradually have a modernized and beautiful house, with as low financial resources as possible, and maximum reuse of existing materials. They decided to start from the kitchen and ended very happy with the result!

Lc medical office 2016 brazil sp botucatu - Torino (TO)

Archisio - Livia Cardia - Progetto Lc medical office2016 brazil sp botucatu
Before renting this room, this doctor came to us for a layout study, to be sure about the use of space and necessary furniture, and also the finishes for a harmonious and delicate medical office.
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