Salvatore Vicidomini

Shimai - Bacoli (NA)

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Design of a beauty center and beauty studio in the campi flegrei inspired by nature and practice. The manuarino architecture studio this time attempted the interior design of a beauty center and beauty studio in the campi flegrei, in bacoli, inspired by nature and japanese personal care practice. Shimai in japanese means "sisters", a tribute to the owners and their wonderful relationship. One of the two sisters' requests was to maintain the existing floor which was very dark. However, we wanted to achieve an opposite atmosphere; bright, fresh, ethereal, with natural and earth tones. The room looked like a large rectangular room with the services at the back which we kept. By obtaining two cabins from a pre-existing room and two treatment cabins in a central volume (which does not touch the ceiling) around which the internal distribution takes place and which covers the pedicure area from the entrance. The latter has two sinks for foot treatments with the related armchairs positioned on a pedestal. Upon entering, you are greeted by the perfectly central reception, which leaves behind space for the nail bar with two stations. The make-up area on one side and the waiting area on the other are on the wall. On the walls we opted for a natural stucco painting, giving a decoration that is enriched with depth and materiality. Only some parts were painted in earth tones and osb (randomly oriented thick wood fiber panels) painted white was used for all the carpentry, which gives a pleasant texture to all the furniture. Materiality for all surfaces, from the striated stoneware for the central volume, to the stucco of the walls, to the osb wood for the furniture. The whole environment finds coherence and gives the space an elegant and relaxed atmosphere that combines with the experience of the treatments offered by the beauty centre!
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