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A big shadow of negrar wine - Verona (VR)

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We like to think that vine, the mother of wine, is the element that would introduce the visitor into a cultural promenade, which is articulated between the volumes of a winery built in different eras. The suggestion of lucio fontana’s paintings, with the search of space and light beyond the canvas, leads the design choices in order to implement an articulated and non-homogeneous compound. A bisector between the volumes is therefore a strong gesture through which we have chosen to break the logic of a temporal overlapping, in order to build a dialogue capable of uniting the parts. This architectural device divides and merges spaces at the same time, becoming a path that reveals to the visitor the history, the scents, and the flavors of this land by providing a didactic and sensorial experience. The elements, which configure the language of the architectural transformation, are therefore a path that starts from the earth and returns to the landscape, and a new roof that configures the program of the wine cultural center in a open and flexible space. We are able to teach about the territory and its product throughout a sensorial journey capable of integrating various buildings of the winery. We propose an architectural project for the winery "negrar" which is totally self-sufficient with zero co2 emission, producing energy through renewable sources.
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