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Light design planning for coffee fellows - Germany

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Brief info: Customer: Coffee fellows gmbh Largest coffee-shop chain in germany 238 shops, 1 hotel, 3 stores in asia Goals: Flexibility with interchangability of the bulbs Lightquality and intensity, which supports the corporate identity Initial situation: Coffee fellows is the largest coffee-shop chain in german know especially in the inner-cities, train stations, airports, shopping malls and pedestrian zones. Currently, there are 238 cafés operating under the name coffee fellows and that number is constantly growing. Since 2019 there are even 3 stores in mongolia and in dortmund a hotel has since been opened as well. With all this growth, the franchise business needed a reliable partner for maintaining and expanding their new cafés It requires a strong partnership that provides a reliable service tailored to the customer's needs, as well as a partnership that understands the customer's mission statement and meets it with the appropriate product range. Implementation: Lampenwelt professional met these needs in two ways. On the one hand, lampenwelt serves the style of the company with its assortment and supports the concept of the customer with the appropriate light selection: "feel at home". After all, the atmosphere created by the light here is a very important tool for creating coziness in a public place. Thus, "cozy light" is used in all stores. With a cri 90 and 2,700 kelvin, a beautiful, warm white light is created, which invites people to linger. And that's exactly what the founders of the successful company, kathrin and stefan tewes, who want to get out of the "to-go movement" and back to "stay", want, to bring the enjoyment of coffee back to their customers in a calm ambience. This underscores another important point in the coffee fellows concept: sustainability. Not only the to-go cup is to be exchanged for the ceramic cup, no, also the coffee is bought from sustainable cultivation and directly from the farmer in africa. In terms of design, the theme of sustainability is supported by the high proportion of natural materials in the interior. For example, wood as flooring and wall cladding in an industrial style are characteristic of coffee fellows. The industrial look runs through from the entrance area to the lounge and so the luminaires are also perfectly matched to it. But lampenwelt not only supports this partnership in terms of luminaires and lamps, no, it is the special service that characterizes the cooperation here. Lampenwelt commits itself in this partnership to always have the coordinated assortment in stock for coffee fellows and provided a personal contact person for all stores. Under the motto "no dark stores" we enable our customers the service to deliver their coordinated goods in an uncomplicated and fast way and also to equip new stores in the corporate of the chain in case of fast growth. Result Due to our large assortment at lampenwelt, there is no limit to our style. We always find the right one for each customer and, beyond the luminaires, we adapt the lamps and lighting to the goals of our customers. In this way, in all coffee fellows stores, it is also through the lighting that we succeed in strengthening the feel-good factor for the customer and creating a cozy place that feels like home - "feel like home". To ensure that corporate culture and design are consistently supported, we make sure that every store can be equipped with the same lamps and luminaires - no matter where and at any time! Conclusion: A partnership like this paves the way for us to rethink service. Long-term partnerships are fertile ground for ideas and forward-looking collaboration that benefits both sides. Light is our passion, and in projects like this we see in every customer who relaxes and enjoys their drink at coffee fellows that our work can make a big difference, even if it's just a nice moment over a cup of coffee. Quote: "for us as a chain store, it is ideal that we can have all of our luminaires and lighting products shipped to all of our locations at home & abroad at short notice. For new openings, we can rely on everything reaching the construction site on time." Stephan nitsche coffee fellows gmbh
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